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In our community

Congratulations Graduates Including Our Son!

Graduation and Commencement season is upon us and we at Tutor Doctor Tucson would like to take the opportunity to thank our tutors, families, and our students for all the hard work they did.

Tutor Doctor Tucson was there for University of Arizona students in subjects Algebra through Ph.D level Optics. Our Pima graduates were able to transfer to U of A with great grades.

Catalina Foothills: We worked with high school Spanish, Algebra, Geometry, SAT and ACT test preparation, and music. The Middle school math and Language Arts students worked hard on executive function skills and several elementary students received help in reading and special education services.

TUSD: Students from Sabino received help in Algebra, Financial Math and Spanish, University High School students had great Chemistry tutors, and several elementary kids through the city received tutoring in math, ESL, Language Arts, Reading, and Music.

Oro Valley/Marana: A few students received help in all the above subjects and also the two Downs Syndrome 7th grade boys learned to read letters and numbers and actually learned to read simple books. They were ignored in the schools for all those years. It is exciting to see these kids overcome the odds.

Vail/Rita Ranch/Corona de Tucson : These students were successful with special education, reading, and math while our students located in outer areas had great one-on-one tutoring via Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts.

Private/Charter: The Salpointe students worked extremely hard with us on SATs and St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s children were tutored in several subjects. The one student we had from the Gregory School we helped write his college essay and he was accepted at several universities. Sonoran Science Academy, Academy of Math and Science and Lehman Academy kids were working hard on STEM subjects. We helped a few Basis students with math and Mandarin.

Our homeschool students have blossomed. Many have Autism or learning disabilities and need special education services. How proud we are of these exceptional kids!

Those children on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base worked very hard and some will be transferring to other parts of the country. We will miss those families.

We, as Tutor Doctor Tucson, were especially blessed as our son, Nathaniel (seen in the picture) received his BS in Biological Sciences from the College of Environmental and Life Sciences at the University of Rhode Island May 20th. We not only have been blessed with great children from South Korea but two very different learners; our daughter graduated in 2015 from URI. She has many special needs, ADD, and other issues. Our tutors used Skype for distance tutoring for her with great success. She struggled with Chemistry and BioChemistry. However, with all her learning disabilities she graduated with a BS in Animal Science and Technology and is working for a veterinarian in Rhode Island. Our son never needed tutoring but we were there if he did.

In closing, thank you, families, for working with us and allowing Tutor Doctor Tucson to be part of your lives. I am overwhelmed with happiness for those students graduating and wish all of you great success- whether you just graduated kindergarten or received your Ph.D. Tutor Doctor Tucson is proud to be part of your success and we ask that you please refer us to a friend or colleague.

Cynthia Robinshaw, Owner/Personal Learning Specialist/Master Tutor Music,Speech & Communications

Autism Walk and Resource Fair 2017

A great time was had by all at the 11th Annual Arizona Autism Walk and Resource Fair on Saturday April 1,2017 at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson. The event was a fundraiser sponsored by the Autism Society of Southern Arizona. The morning walk began on a very cool, sunny day here in Tucson. Because of the great weather there were many more participants and teams involved.

This is the second year Tutor Doctor of Tucson has been a vendor at this great event. We spoke to many families needing supplemental help for their special needs children. Many families had never heard about us and with the help of one of our special needs tutors, Kati Gilson, we explained what we do to evaluate a student, described a normal tutoring session and explained how session reports not only go to the family but to the special needs team as well. Also it is important that we are in touch with each of the student’s teachers weekly so the tutor and the teacher are both working holistically in tune with the student. And Tutor Doctor of Tucson has the best customer service. We answer our own phones and take calls whenever you call. We are here for your family. No manager, no sales representative, no nonsense. Just honest owners– both former teachers. Cynthia comes to your home and meets your family. Richard, who works for TUSD, runs the back-end of the business evenings and weekends.

Besides our Tucson tutoring families we are blessed with a 24 year old special needs daughter who completed college with our help. Neither she nor we were willing to give up on her dream to become a veterinarian. Although she worked very hard she learned by herself that she would not be the best veterinarian because of her people skills. So she changed her major to Animal Science and Technology and received her BS in 2015. She has been working for a veterinarian in a boarding kennel. She loves her job and we are so happy that she found a niche where her skills and knowledge are needed. So we have walked in your shoes. We have been there through the tough times. Through the diagnosis. And we are more than willing to tell our story if your organization or school would like Cynthia to come and speak to parents and families in Greater Tucson.

If you missed us at the event please call Cynthia for your a free consultation and we can discuss how Tutor Doctor of Tucson can help your child succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

Tucson Hebrew Academy STEM Festival

What a great time we had at the Third Annual Tucson Hebrew Academy Stem Festival on March 26, 2017. Tutor Doctor was among the many booths demonstrating science activities. We were found in the Technology section using a computer program to “see” your own voice. We had lines of kids and parents vying for a turn at the microphone to see what their voice looked like on a color spectrograph with pitch and overtones. We got several chances to talk about the Musical Harmonic Series to the older kids and adults who were awed by what they saw on the screen. Some kids came back with their friends and parents to show them.

In addition to the computer, microphone, and special voice programs we had a clock that ran on water, several other exciting solar experiments and a chance to ask students questions for a chance to win prizes.

Along with us there were rocket launchings, fun, hands on experiments for the kids, and the Pima County CSI unit doing fingerprints, as was Pima Community College and the University of Arizona talking about their college STEM programs.

We were so lucky to meet so many teachers who also signed up to be interviewed for tutoring in the summer. For us that is a great plus to add those valuable educators to our summer roster.

We are looking forward to next years’ event. We still want to be music/technology related so if you have any ideas, students or parents, send them to crobinshaw@tutordoctor.com and we will check them out! What would you like to see us do next year? It must be music and technology!

If you would like information about summer learning loss and how we can help by sending one of our great tutors just give Cynthia a call at 520-918-6040 for a free consultation.

See you next year, Tucson Hebrew Academy!

A Time For Holiday Giving


The Holidays are upon us once again. That time of year some people are excited about, others dread, and still other are sad or depressed.This is the time give of yourself–to do some community service work that means a lot to people.

We each celebrate different traditions in this season: Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, or Festivus, a created holiday on the TV show Seinfeld. We see people shopping, visiting the shops along 4th Avenue in Tucson, holiday lights, carol singing, performances of Handel’s Messiah, the Nutcracker ballet, Pops orchestras playing highlights of holiday music. Everywhere you look or listen you hear holiday music. Such a wonderful time of year?

Unfortunately, there are many people in our local Tucson community who are not feeling happy this holiday season; some have lost husbands, children, parents, friends and other important people in their lives. Many people can not afford to visit family or their family has abandoned them for one reason or another. Years have blurred the reason for their alienation but the grudges still hold firm. There are those senior citizens who are in nursing facilities whom no one visits. Seems their families are too busy or think that their loved on who has dementia won’t remember them. So they choose to not visit. There are families at Davis- Monthan Air Force Base, Fort Huachuca, and other military bases in Arizona who’s families are spit with a father/mother serving abroad in Afghanistan or other country around the world during this time of year. And there are the homeless on our streets who suffer from substance abuse and/or mental illness. And last but not least there are very ill children suffering form cancer and other life threatening illnesses who have little hope of living through this holiday season. My son lost a high school friend who had brain cancer just days before Christmas in his high school senior year. That was a devastating blow to his senior class and friends.

Tutor Doctor Tucson is very involved behind the scenes in Tucson. We do things quietly, individually, not in the name of the business so we may remain humble as we share with the community. As the owner of Tutor Doctor Tucson I am asking everyone who reads this blog to do something nice for someone else this holiday season. Make a pledge to help others as much as you can in 2017.

How can you or your children help?

Let’s start with the elderly who have no visitors. “Adopt a Grandparent” to read to and listen to about their lives. Your children will learn about the 20th Century, WWII, the Depression, how people struggled and won. The elderly love children so have your children bring in art to hang on the walls of the room. Maybe your child sings, dances,etc and can present a little show for the older folks at lunch over school vacation.

Do you have any blankets, coats, warm clothing, socks etc? Give them to the needy. Clean out your garage and donate your “junk” to the Salvation Army, Goodwill or other place so they can sell these items at reasonable rates to those less fortunate.

Visit your neighbor who has lost her husband or wife to cancer or suddenly passed this year. A cup of tea or coffee and a few cookies and an hour of your time makes the world a happier place for those who have lost loved ones. People always tell them, “Call when ever you need anything.” But the widow or widower doesn’t want to bother you. They know you mean well. So act on it.

Bring some inexpensive presents to the children in the cancer unit at UMC or other hospital. If you have a friend who is a sole caretaker of their loved one, babysit or elder-sit for a few hours so the caregiver can have a break to rejuvenate.

Think about all the ways you can give of yourself to help someone. Something so simple as paying for someone’s coffee at the coffee shop makes you feel so much joy.

My favorite thing is to find an elderly person eating alone in a restaurant and pay their bill before we leave. Sometimes I strike up a conversation with the elder and ask about how they are doing. They never know who paid. Pay that couple of dollars for the family in front of you in the grocery store who can’t find enough change in the bottom of her purse to buy all the groceries. Do something so simple as to hold the door for that mom pushing that double stroller. I know she is used to people letting the door close in her face. Been there years ago. Let someone with a couple of items go in front of you in the checkout line. That costs nothing but a little bit of time.

There are many ways to give this Holiday Season. Many things don’t need money. All you need is to give your time to someone. That time could mean the difference between life and death in some instances. Remember, this time of year has the highest suicide rate. So when your kids say they are bored over school vacation show them how “the other half lives”. They will learn a very important lesson about love and generosity and you will feel good about helping someone else by bringing joy to their lives!

Happy Holidays from Tutor Doctor Tucson’s owners and tutors.

Tutor Doctor At The Vail Country Fair


A great time was had by all at the Vail Country Fair on Saturday, October 22nd at the Pima County Fairgrounds sponsored by the Vail Chamber of Commerce to which we belong. There was great food, fun and family activities. The weather was great and we had hundreds of visitors to our Tutor Doctor Tucson booth signing up for consultations as well as meeting potential tutors to help us in the Rita Ranch and Vail communities.We scheduled 15 tutor interviews and have since hired three that meet our strict criteria for being a Tutor Doctor tutor.

We had information about our SAT and ACT Prep programs, our regular and special eduction programs, our military discounts, and spoke with many families about the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account for military, homeschooling, special needs, and foster families which provides millions of dollars in scholarships to Arizona families. We are proud to provide service to these ESA families with our certified and endorsed tutors.

We had our spinning wheel and gave away Tutor Doctor branded water bottles, pencils, pens, pads, and other Halloween-themed prizes. The parents who came to our table were interested in how we differ from other tutoring companies and were fascinated by what we do by coming to families’ homes and doing a full educational assessment on their child– at no charge– just to ensure that we get the right tutor or academic coach matched to their child.

We would like to thank the Vail Chamber of Commerce and the families and potential tutors who visited our booth for a delightful and fun day.

Tucson Meet Yourself -A Folklife Festival


What a great turnout for the annual Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival over the weekend of October 7-9, 2016. Tutor Doctor Tucson was present with spin and win games for kids, talking to parents about their children’s supplemental education needs, and did pre-screen interviews with 12 possible tutors!

The festival was booming with food (yes, I am in the process of losing the weight I gained),music, and dance from all the countries represented throughout this wonderful City of Tucson. We were placed next to the Indian food booth which supplied us with wonderful rosewater and delightful food. Down from us, bring in all the bees, was the churros booth serving the best of Tucson. Those Sonoran hotdogs could never be beat along with the Bosnian, Iranian, Chinese, Korean and other countries’ food that are innumerable to mention.

The ethnic music and dance programs were spectacular and colorful. Each year it amazes me to see the beautiful and unique multi-cultural programs presented. It is a humbling experience to see the passion and love each group extended to the varieties of cultures at the festival.

There were artists and artisans showing their wares from clothing to jewelry. The colors offset the desert city landscape. I spent more money than I had budgeted but the bounty was too plentiful to pass up.

Tutor Doctor Tucson is blessed to have been selected by Tucson Meet Yourself as the only supplemental education company to represent Tucson. This was our second year at the festival and are looking forward to meeting you again next year with more fun and prizes. Next year we are going to offer a drawing for something special.

So save the date next year for the first weekend in October to visit this great festival where you can savor all that Tucson has to offer. We would like to thank the committee for allowing us booth space and we are looking forward to meeting you next year. Hopefully we will not have rain on Saturday afternoon.

Our next community event is the Vail Country Fair, Saturday October 22nd at the Pima County Fairgrounds, 11300 S Houghton Road, 85747. Come visit us indoors and have fun at all the outdoor activities including jumping castles, rock climbing wall, ferris wheel, adoptable animals, cow-pie bingo, carnival games, and loads of other activities.

As members of the Vail Chamber of Commerce we would like to thank the Chamber for the invitation to participate again this year in this fun event!

Do You Need Community Service/Volunteer Hours?


Community service– being a volunteer- can be a huge part of student life in high school and college. Many schools in Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Catalina Foothills, and Vail will not allow you to graduate if you do not have the required volunteer/community service hours. But instead of signing up with a local charity and putting in your time, how about setting up your own charity yourself? You will still end up doing some good, and end up with a nice portfolio piece and a great deal of experience.

First, brainstorm some ideas. Maybe there’s a child in your neighborhood who has medical expenses. Perhaps a playground needs to be cleaned up or repaired. Conceivably the elderly can use your talent as an artist or musician to create a mural or perform for sing-a-longs at local facilities. Surely you could line up several projects over the course of a school year. Chances are there are all kinds of need right in your community that you never knew about. Ask around. Perchance a small group would be willing to put you in charge of a specific project. There are many issues that need people like you to make a difference!

Second, make sure you get credit for the activities you are planning, assuming your school requires community service hours. Talk to the staff at your high school, or even the school board. Explain what you are hoping to do, and include all of it: fundraising, publicity, goals, everything. Don’t do a single thing until you get the green light.

Third, if money is involved, make sure you document everything. Every penny should go on a spreadsheet and be documented with bank balances and receipts. Chances are your project will not be big enough to require tax information, but make sure you follow all the laws for a non-profit.

Now it gets fun; build a website, start a Facebook group, take photos, make videos. Come up with a name for your little non-profit, maybe come up with a cool logo. Think about fundraisers if you need money, such as race sponsoring, local concerts, you name it. Document all of it online.

Yes, it sounds like a lot of work, and it’s not for everyone. But it’s a fantastic way to meet people, and you’ll get a lot of real-world experience that will serve you down the road as you apply for college. It will also help you in your job search as you have demonstrated leadership abilities that many companies and colleges are looking for.

The key is to do everything by the book. Watch any money that’s involved, follow any and all rules and regulations. The great thing is, pulling it off will be proof to the world that you have ideals and that you can handle responsibility with maturity and grace. Go for it!

Autism Society of Southern Arizona Fundraiser


Tutor Doctor Tucson’s Cynthia Robinshaw and Richard Macchia were present on July 30,2016 at a fantasic Autism Society of Southern Arizona Fundraiser Party at Borderlands Brewing Company at 119 E. Toole Avenue. There was great pizza provided by Fiamme Pizza, drinks by Borderlands Brewery, and bocce ball games sponsored by local businesses. We met Nicole Glasner, Executive Director (left in the picture) and Director, Program Committee Chair, Vanessa Zuber (right in the picture). We also spoke to several families about helping their children academically in the fall.

The party was a huge success and Tutor Doctor Tucson donated a basket with a BoogieBoard, branded water bottle, candy and a tutoring assessment and trial tutoring package valued at $300. We are waiting to hear from the winner to schedule their free academic assessment and free tutoring hours.

We are looking forward to the next special education event “Wrightslaw”- a two day special education law and advocacy conference sponsored by both the Autism Society of Southern Arizona and Southern Arizona Network for Down Syndrome on August 18th and 19th, 2016. This program is designed to meet the needs of parents, health care providers, educators, and attorneys who represent children with disabilities. The speaker is Supreme Court Winning Lawyer and U.S. Special Education Law Expert, Peter Wright, Esq. Stop by our sponsor booth and say hi.

Want to Homeschool in Arizona?

Homeschooling is growing in popularity, with almost two million homeschooled students in North America alone. This is up from less than one million in 1999. In Pima County, AZ alone in 2014 there were 5000 homeschooling families and those numbers are increasing as families are becoming more mobile. The biggest rise in homeschool can be seen near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base as families are moving place to place between school years. The schools on the Air Force base cannot adapt to each individual child who enters after the school year has begun so many families opt to on-line schools or homeschool.Other families select homeschool for a myriad of reasons and each family is unique. We work with many special needs families where homeschooling is the best option. Some of our clients use our services as certified teachers with the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program. But before jumping on board the ever-growing bandwagon, there are some practical steps to consider.

Know the regulations

In Arizona each County has its rules and regulations. Please refer to the link provided for more information about homeschooling in Pima County. www.schools.pima.gov It’s very important to be crystal clear on the rules before you begin.

Be aware of the commitment

Homeschooling is a huge responsibility. Everything depends on you, and how well you do your job. Time, energy, money. It’s highly likely you will be pushed outside your comfort zone. An awful lot is riding on you, so make sure you’re up for it.

Connect with other homeschoolers

You might expect that homeschooling might be an isolating experience; you might imagine yourself alone in your living room with your child, day after day. But be aware that there are other homeschoolers in Tucson and Pima County, and connecting with them can be a great way to share resources, not to mention skills and experiences. There are also many online communities where teachers and students connect.

You can’t do it alone

A great thing about our day and age is that it’s full of experts. Chances are you’ve got family, friends and neighbors who have tremendous knowledge, and that knowledge can really come in handy. And, of course, you can hire Tutor Doctor Tucson to provide expertise on every subject imaginable, as well as learning strategies, educational planning and college applications, as well as college admission exams like the ACT and SAT. Bringing Tutor Doctor on board will help will make sure you have all the tools needed to give your child the education he or she deserves.

Homeschooling can be highly rewarding, as well as highly challenging. But knowing what to expect and preparing for it will definitely make the experience unfold more smoothly.

For more information on how in-home tutoring can play a key role in homeschooling, click here.

Community Service and Tutor Doctor Tucson

food bank

At Tutor Doctor we were recently discussing the community service hours being performed by several of our tutors as well as ourselves. Among the tutors and ourselves we counted numerous charities that our tutors or ourselves are involved with including Pima Animal Rescue, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Southern Arizona Community Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, Ben’s Bells, Casa de los Ninos, and Youth on Their Own.
One of the new charities we are considering is the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, which helps veterans of the US military with counseling and job training as they transition from military life to the civilian job market.

There will always be a wide range of attitudes and beliefs among tutors and  educators, which is common in any group of people. However, donating time and resources has always been a part of life among people who teach or tutor for a living and the vast majority of it happens under the radar. Surprisingly, hard statistics on community service among teachers and tutors are hard to come by. However, surveying the teachers we work with and our tutors suggests that the vast majority of teachers help their students off the clock, which most certainly applies to the Tutor Doctor academic coaches. We have helped families and individuals who were struggling financially. We give away numerous tutoring hours per year to families in addition to the hours that they pay for. We are involved with students from Youth on Their Own in Tucson and served several students who were struggling to pass high school.These are homeless teens who face failing high school or getting their GED in order to move on in life. The most enjoyable part of this work is hearing from a student whom you have worked with who was in Youth on Their own and they tell you how happy their life is now that they have graduated high school and have a job or are attending Pima Community College so they can transfer to the University of Arizona! Richard and Cynthia also donate time at the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank which was a vast learning experience to realize how many people in Tucson are hungry.

A question then arises: Why go to all the effort of putting in extra hours during a week that is, typically, very full to begin with?

The answer is simple: heart. Working as a music tutor in addition to helping families find the perfect tutor match for their child is an enriching experience. To help someone prep for a big test, such as the ACT or SAT, or providing any of the other services offered by Tutor Doctor requires more than just skill and hard work. Tutoring requires heart as you have to care about what you’re doing in order to succeed.

Achieving excellence in a student’s life often means overcoming a variety of challenges, working to instill confidence, and displaying infinite patience and dedication. In order to succeed in the world of education, you have to care and have passion for your work; this isn’t pushing papers in an office, it’s working one-on-one with human beings – you have to have heart to do it well.

Passion is an extremely important aspect of life and work but unfortunately, it’s immeasurable. However, results are evident wherever passion is present. This statement does not only apply in terms of job success, but in lifestyle as well — for instance, when it comes to community service.

In the future, Tutor Doctor will take a closer look at more of these charitable initiatives and speak to those involved. Until then, let’s raise a glass to the hard work — and full hearts — that help our students every day!

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